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Global Warming


I hate global warming. You know why? Because it can kill us all. When the pollution level rises (and that’s from all transport vehicles and factories), which is that pollution is actually air pollution. The factories and transport vehicles send too much heat to the atmosphere. The atmosphere traps all that heat causing the earth to be too hot, and the ozone layer, the layer that keeps all the harmful rays away from earth, to make some holes in it. So that means a lot of harmful rays are reaching us now. And, the heat that is trapped causes the ice caps in earth to melt. This will make a lot of polar animals to loose their habitats. And this will make floods that some people think it will make our planet underwater. Make sure to reuse, reduce, and recycle!!

Author: Ayman10+

Hi! I am Ayman10+! I am interested in almost everything, especially in science.

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