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Top Harmful Animals in the World !


Animals come in different shapes, types colors and adaptations. And they are divided into two sections, wild & harmful. Some harmful animals can cause disease to humans. You will know more about them by reading this post.

The first one is the Death stalker Scorpion. This Scorpion may not look that impressive. Children are particularly susceptible to these bites and are more likely to die from them than adults. The bite is very painful, so even if you survive, you may wish it hadn’t bite you.

The second one is the Hyena. It is generally a scavenger. It can be a prey or a predator. During times of war, it can develop a taste of human flesh.

The third one is the Siafu Ants. They are also known as driver ants. There could be over 50 million of them in only one place. They attack their prey by clamping their jaws into flash. They are found in Central East Africa.

The fourth one is called the Comodo Dragon. Lately, they are found in Indonesia. They are 3 meters long and they weigh to 150 pounds. They eat birds and buffalos and humans. They remarkable and very impressive because they are hunters.

The last one is the Salt Water Crocodile. They are usually on the top of the food chain. It is known that it eats everything that is coming to its path. It eats buffalos, sharks and even humans. In order to kill its prey it uses the technique called Death Roll. Which means it opens its mouth wide, clamps on the animal and then starts flipping itself upside down over and over again.

These are just some of the most harmful animals in the world. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

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