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How to be Awesome



I made this artwork for showing the world to be awesome

    Would you like to be awesome? I want to be awesome in everything. But no one could be awesome in everything. So I try as much as I can to be awesome in everything I do. And I would like to share with you the things that I am trying to be awesome in.

    I like to be awesome in all of my art skills so that when there’s an art contest I could participate and win. And of course to make my art marks higher at school. And another thing I want to be awesome in is cooking, because on those days, when I wake up and my parents are out, I don’t eat anything until they come back home. And the most hard thing I think I could cook is Spaghetti. But I think that it will be more easier watching my mom cook than cooking by myself.

    There are so many things I want to be awesome in, and here’s a list about them: waking up early ((automatically)), making a cute hairstyle without my mom’s help, ironing my clothes, always have full marks at school, never take food from my friend, swimming in a deep pool….. Well, these are just some of the things that I want to be awesome in.

  As I said, I always tried to be awesome in everything, and sometimes I make it. I remember once when I was 4 years old, I was so hungry so I went to the kitchen and I saw can. That time, I really wanted to see what was in that can so I tried to open it in 3 days. Everyday I try to open a little bit and on the third day I opened it successfully it but accidentally I scratched my hand with the tip of the can, but that was worth it.

  And there are also some things that I tried to be awesome in since I was a little kid until now. And one of these things are writing a whole book, keeping my table organized at least a week and so many more things.

   I tried my best to be awesome so it’s your turn now! Try to be awesome and don’t give up. And that is what will make you mean the world for something.



  1. Sarah,
    I’m proud of you! You wrote a great post. I got to know you better than I knew you before. Thanks for sharing real life stories, like when you cut your hand on the can lid. Your post is easy to read and so few mistakes!

    I like your original graphic too. You are a responsible digital citizen!

    Mrs. Denise

    • Mrs. Denise,
      Yes! This was a great post! And it was my first one. I always have some funny situations in my life like cutting my hand on the lid!

  2. Sarah, Your paragraphs that you wrote are really awesome just like you and hope you complete your dream for being more awesome


  3. Thank you Mrs. Denise. Yes, I did write a great post ((because it is the first one)). And I will try to make my next posts better.


  4. Sarah, such great ideas for how to be awesome! I especially like the part about spaghetti and learning to cook with your mom. I think you’ll be awesome together.

    • Oh, yes. I always have those kinds of situations in my life! And by the way, Mrs. Denise told me that you are her friend! She is my English teacher.

  5. Awesome Sarah .. I’m proud of you dear … you are really awesome

  6. Well done Sarah. Excellent job. Loooove the art work. Maybe we can use it for Kumon too????? Mabrook

  7. What an AWEsome post.

    I will challenge you with one thing. Sometimes it is actually okay to not be awesome. Where has there been a time that you have failed at something, but actually learned a lot from the experience?

    Something to consider:

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