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Snowy and Patch


1461585078034 (1)We have two class pets. They live in our classroom, but sometimes on long weekends and holidays, the pets go home with one of the students. Here are their adventures in the words of the students.

I love Snowy and Patch. I gave them cucumbers. I played with them so much. They like to drink water. They even like to lick my hand. I like to touch them so much. They love me so much. Even Zayna loves them. Even Danah loves them.


I like Snowy and Patch. They are so cute pets. Zayna, Danah, and Muneera like them too. Their beautiful names are Snowy and Patch–cute names. There eyes are so cute. The cutest pets in the world ever and ever.


Snowy and Patch are different, just like me and you. They like to do and eat different things. Like Snowy likes to be held in my arms, but Patch like to move around. Both of them enjoy going to sleep at night. Snowy and Patch are usually scared to come out in busy places, but once they realize what you’re doing, they are more comfortable with you carrying them.


I always gave Snowy and Patch cucumbers and carrots and lettuce. I had a nice day with the Guinea pigs in my house. They feel happier if I gave them vegetables. My mother and my father and me and my sister liked them. When my sister saw them, she said, “I want to carry them, but I can’t. Can you help me?” And I helped her, and she pictured them on her knee. I wish that I have guinea pigs like Mrs. Denise. I like them to stay with me.


Some Things We Have Learned About Guinea Pigs

  • They are small mammals. They are about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. They are good pets with children. ~Muneera
  • I learned the guinea pigs love to eat fruit and vegetables, and even me–I like fruit and vegetables. I learn they are heavy and big. ~Mariam
  • Guinea pigs are small sociable, ‘chatty’ rodents. In the wild, they live in close family groups of 5-10. Usually the first signs of illness in your guinea pig are lack of appetite and lethargy. You should avoid feeding iceberg lettuce, shelled nuts, or seeds. They should have no dairy products and candy. ~Zayna
  • I learned that the guinea pigs like to eat most vegetables. I learned that the guinea pigs are like big mice. I learned that the guinea pigs are heavy and big. I learned that they are kind and good for the children. ~Jumana



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  1. We wish we had a class pet. We had monarch caterpillars but they turned into butterflies and flew away to Mexico. Your guinea pigs are so cute! Some of us wish we could have one at home. One of us gets to take care of a guinea for a friend in a couple of weeks (it’s name is Winnie).

  2. I’m exploring different blogs to share with other teachers, so that they may want to try blogging too. I really enjoyed your blog!

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