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Our New Pen Pals



We are excited to have new blogging pen pals in Iowa. Our penpals are students in Ms. Swanson’s Menagerie. They’ll be blogging at this link, and we’ll be blogging here.

We are kindergarteners in the wonderful Kingdom of Bahrain. Most of us have Arabic as our first language, though a few of us started our lives speaking different languages, like Farsi or English.

Did you know people who learn additional languages tend to grow bigger brains? Mrs. Denise (that’s what we call Mrs. Krebs) tells us about this brain research all the time. She thinks that some of your class know more than one language too. That’s great! She hopes you ALL will learn English and Spanish. When you know two languages it will make learning three and four languages easier too.

We like to remember that our brain is growing as we continue to learn.

We like to remember that our brain is growing as we continue to learn.

This week we had parent-teacher conferences. Mrs. Denise told our parents we were doing better than last time and learning very much. We also had an English book fair. Many of us bought books to read at home. Sometimes we have an Arabic book fair too.

In one week we’ll have our school carnival. We’ll be sure to share pictures with you!

We look forward to getting to know you as we blog together!

Mrs. Denise and all the KG2 students

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  1. Hello there! We just began our Spring Break (even though I am in my classroom working)! When we return together next week, I will share this blog! I know some of my students have Spanish as their first language, so they will be excited to connect and share about this strength.

    We recently (well, last month) had parent-teacher conferences, and the kids were so excited to purchase books at our book fair, too! We do love books!

    Yesterday (Wednesday, March 11) we attended our Carnival that was a celebration to reading lots of Dr. Seuss books and completing some related activities. We would love to send/show pictures! I have them already on my web-site but don’t know how to get them on a blog… I already know we can’t wait to see pictures of your carnival! We are looking forward to building our friendship with you!

    Ms. Swanson and the K/1 Students

  2. Hi! Below are replies I originally had responded to on our class Blog (I get mixed up on where to put them :)~
    Thank you Noor! We want a Sports Day now, too!

    Hi Jerome!
    Our class is so excited for summer, too! School just got out for us, and we love our vacation time!

    Thank you for telling us about your weather!
    Ms. Swanson

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