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Bee Bim Bop


Here's a page from the book

This week we are reading Linda Sue Park’s book called Bee-Bim Bop. The name comes from a Korean dish. We want to make it in KG2. Our version will be made with steamed rice in a bowl and toppings added like fried or scrambled eggs, meat, stir fried veggies like green onions, garlic, bean sprouts, carrots, or whatever. It is seasoned with soy sauce or other seasoning.

Next week in English class we will mix-mix like crazy and eat it. (Parents, more information coming home tomorrow in diaries and in an email.)

We hope to connect with some students in Korea, so we can see if some of them really eat bee-bim bop. Any takers?

And maybe we can even connect withΒ Ms. Linda?

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  1. I asked my Korean friend about connecting with a class, and she is going to get back to me. I hope it all works out! Jerome loved this story.

  2. Hello to Ms. Krebs and all your students! I’m so happy to hear that you’re reading BEE-BIM BOP! as a class. I hope you enjoy reading it AND eating it! πŸ™‚ Bee-bim bop was my favorite Korean food when I was little, and it’s still one of my favorite dishes now. Most Korean children love it because mixing it up by yourself is so much fun!

    Cheers, and KEEP READING! πŸ™‚ –Linda Sue Park

  3. Dear Ms. Linda,
    Thank you so very much for visiting our blog and leaving us this nice comment. Today we made a book about bee-bim bop. We’ll be adding it to our blog.

    We liked to mix-mix the bee-bim bop. Most of us liked bee-bim bop, but a few of us didn’t like the “sticky-lickety” rice. We all like to say bee-bim bop.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful book!

    Your friends in Kindergarten

  4. Dear Ms. Park,
    I like bee-bim bop.


  5. Dear Ms. Park,
    I like bee-bim bop. I like cheese.
    Fatima M.

  6. Dear ms. Krebs,
    I am Emily from the Singapore American school. Our class is 5th grade and we saw your blog, and we also read bibimbap. One of my friends and I made a video tutorial of bibimbap. I hope you enjoy the video!😊
    From Emily

    • Dear Emily,
      What a wonderful video you made. You are quite the cook. I like how you mentioned if the students were young they should ask their parents for help. You were thoughtful and did a beautiful job. I loved the sizzling food. You taught us much about cooking in a short time. Thank you so much for making this video. It is a treasure!

      Mrs. Denise

  7. Hello Ms. Krebs class, I am Sunwoo, a student in Ms. Kim’s class. After we saw your post about reading Bi Bim Bop! By Linda Sue Park, Ms. Kim asked if any of the Korean students in the class could make a video about how to make Bi Bim bop. Since I was eating Bi Bim Bop for dinner that night, I decided to make a video of the process of how to make bi bim bop. Hope you like my video and hope you enjoy bi bim bop! Thank you!

    • Dear Sunwoo,
      What a delight to see your video! My students will be so excited when we come back to school on Sunday. Thank you for thinking of us and making such a helpful and entertaining video. I like the sesame seed puzzle! I also like how the vegetables are so finely cut. The meal looks delicious.

      Thank you again,

      Mrs. Denise

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