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How Much Does it Cost?


I recently returned from a trip to Bahrain. I took a picture at the gas station where we bought gas.

I thought you might be interested in finding out how the price of gas compares to the price where you live. You’ll have to do some research and math to figure it out.

Here are some facts that will help you:

  • BD stands for Bahraini Dinar, which is the currency in Bahrain.
  • The picture below shows the cost for one tank of gas: 5.095 BD for exactly 50.960 liters.

Please let me know if you take my challenge!


Author: Denise Krebs

I'm the chief learner in life's adventure.


  1. Hi Mrs. Krebs,
    I’m Avery and I am in Ms. Smiths class. The gas price their is so much higher than here its nuts. I wonder how much it costs in Russia?


  2. Hi ms. Krebs

    I’m a grade 7 in ms. Smiths class i think the gas there is crazy compared to here I wonder why they have such expensive gas.

  3. OK, Avery and Anthony,
    I just realized you might have missed the part of my post where I explained the challenge to figure out how much the gas actually costs. I moved that part of the post up above the picture to make sure my readers see it. Do you want to try again?

    Mrs. Krebs

  4. Wow, that is cheap petrol! I live in NSW, Australia and petrol is A$1.70 approx x 50L = A$85.00 or approx 28 BD. Five times more expensive to fill up in Australia than Bahrain.

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