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Geography Surveys


Will you please help us understand how geographic and human characteristics create culture and define regions?


Wait, it’s not as bad as it sounds. We mostly want to know what you call some of these common items. Please take one or more of our surveys. Thank you!

  1. Click here to take survey 1
  2. Click here to take survey 2
  3. Click here to take survey 3

Images are from the iClipart for Iowa schools subscription service.

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  1. Interesting survey. Good luck
    Mrs Ebbs

  2. Interesting choices of images. I had to think hard about some of them. How long will the surveys be open as I could write a post including the links for other classes in Tasmania and also those in the student blogging challenge?

    • Miss W,
      We will gladly leave them open indefinitely. We would love the feedback. We would be proud to have you share the link in Tasmania and the student blogging challenge. Thank you!

      Mrs. Krebs

  3. That was fun and
    provoked a lot of interesting discussion.
    We know of lots of language differences
    between American English
    and the English that is spoken in Ireland
    and in spelling too.
    If we say a child is ‘bold’ we mean they are badly behaved whereas we think it means ‘brave’ with you.
    We wear ‘runners’ and you may wear sneakers or trainers perhaps.
    We like sweets (candy) and biscuits (cookies)
    We like jam on our bread. We think you say jelly.
    We like jelly (jello) for dessert.
    Babies wear nappies (diapers).
    We leave out rubbish for the bin man.
    We think you use the words trash or garbage.
    It is fascinating.
    With every good wish
    2nd Class, Room 6 and their Teacher Merry Beau
    Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland

    • Wow! Thank you for all the great examples of differences in Ireland! We love it. We will be writing blog posts about all we learn, so we will be sure to let you know about our findings. We’ll also share some more differences we discover. Thanks again!

      Mrs. Krebs’ Class

  4. I am from Ontario, Canada near Toronto and I enjoyed completing your geography survey. I was a classroom teacher until this year, when I retired.

    Recently, I had fun talking to my cousin, who lives in Northern Ontario, and comparing our terms for cottage/cabin. Everyone near me calls a second home at a lake a “cottage”, but everyone up North calls it “camp”. To me, “camp” is an organized place where kids stay in the summer, away from parents. When we go “camping”, it’s always in tents. I learned that other places call it a cabin.

    So wonderful the way we use language. Thanks for the survey!

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