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We Are Connecting and Learning Outside of Our Classroom


My geography students are busy researching about a Canadian province or territory. They’ve used Brittanica Online, books from the library, Provincial web pages, and now we are using Twitter.

Yesterday we tweeted asking other classes or teachers in Canada to Skype with us. Author Joanne Levy retweeted our message.

Sierra, realizing that she is from Ontario, the province she is studying, asked Joanne a question.

Joanne sent a resource to Sierra.

MaKenna, studying Nunuvut, asked @NunavutWatch about transportation and received a comprehensive, albeit 140-character, reply. We all learned about a new boat, an umiak.

Thank you to Joanne Levy, Anne-Marie Middleton (who asked if I was writing a blog post) and our other northern neighbors for helping us learn about Canada.

Would anyone like to Skype?

Author: Denise Krebs

I'm the chief learner in life's adventure.


  1. Hi Mrs. Krebs,

    We can tell you about British Columbia, if you’d like. Please have your student researchers contact any of my students on their blogs with direct questions. A Skype call would be fun & enlightening. We too are interested in geography and your prairie home.

    By the way, I shared a link to your excellent (clear & to to the point) commenting guidelines yesterday during an #ETMOOC session on blogging.

    I hope to connect with you and your students soon.

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