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We Did it for American Cancer Society


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Wow! In just six weeks, junior highers made a huge mark! On September 13, we wrote a blog post called, “American Cancer Fundraisers.” In that post they shared their brainstormed list of ideas, which was quite ambitious.

In reality, what they did was even more ambitious! They made a lot of money, but even better, they shared their genius, persevered, fought cancer, and more than reached their goals!

In their beautiful words, I’ll let the students tell you about our successes. Click on their names to read their whole blog posts.

  • Madi – “We all worked together to make as much money as possible.”
  • Mason – “We earned money for the ACS this year and we did a lot of ways.”
  • Paige – “We had a bake sale, petting zoo, babysitting, casual day and a ribbon of faith.”
  • Sierra – “We made a Ribbon of Faith where we put survivors or people that died fighting against cancer.”
  • Jordan – “These are all the fundraisers we did for the ACS. Ribbon of Faith-$294,30. Petting Zoo and Horse Racing Games-$450. Casual day-$118,20. Coin Drive-$322,54. Babysitting-$48. Bake Sale and Raffles-$544.86.”
  • Thomas – “We raised a total of $1778.90 for cancer research.”
  • Dustin – “On Wednesday October 31, Our school held a Relay Recess.”
  • Jason – “My school hosted a Relay Recess in Honor and in Memory of those that have had cancer.”
  • Cooper – “We had education stations for all of the kids. We taught them how to prevent cancer. It was a fun day.”
  • MaKenna – “The stations we had were
    • Sun safety
    • Tobacco Awareness
    • Healthy Eating
    • Physical Activity”
  • Kaylee – “These activities were really fun for us to plan and the kids had  a lot of fun learning.”
  • Joey – “the 7th and 8th graders would teach the kids how to stay healthy and teach them not to do bad things to their body”
  • Anna P – “We also did an activity of doing twenty jumping jacks and then breathing through a straw with your fingers pinching your nose shut so you can not breath out of it. This shows how it is like to breath when you are a smoker.”
  • Kennedy – “We had 10 cancer survivors come and walk with us.”
  • Anna – “This year we had Shawn D. and his son come to play games and to play music for us.We had a bouncy house for the little kids…”
  • Jade – “We asked 7th and 8th graders to bring baked goods and we sold them.”
  • Lucas – “We all had different colors. 8th graders had purple and the 7th graders were yellow.”
  • John
  • David
  • Brian – “This fundraiser was very educational for all the kids that were involved and also for the adults that have had or are fighting cancer.”
  • Deven – “The 4-6 graders came and we had a lap for the survivors and then we had a free time with the DJ and the bouncy house we rented.”
  • Atze – “Doing this meant a lot to me because I know people who are cancer survivors and those who lost the battle.  I am one of the lucky ones, a doctor found out that I had it before it got really bad and cut the cancerous skin off my body. “
  • Lauren – “We are just one small eighth grade class with a maximum amount of 17 people but we a raised over 1,750 dollars! Now that’s success.”
  • Jared – “We are only a piece of the puzzle for the cure for cancer.”

I’m very proud of each of them!


Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. Congratulations to all of you on your sucessful fundraising efforts! Thank you very much for giving back to the American Cancer Society; you should all be so proud!

    • Thank you, Caryline, for all your help! All the folks at ACS are great partners. Together, we’ll find an end to cancer!

  2. Wow, you did an amazing job on raising $1750 for the American Cancer Society fundraiser. I think all of you guys should be very proud of yoursleves for doing charity work for Cancer!!!!:) When did you start and finish the fundraiser??

    • Thanks, Anthony,
      We are proud of ourselves. I’m especially proud of my students. We did fundraisers during September and October this year.

      Mrs. Krebs

  3. Dear Mrs. Krebs,
    I think that raising $1750.00 would be really hard, but you succeeded! Great job!!! I am so happy that some people care enough about trying to find a cure for cancer that they put ALL their time into it. My mom used to work at The American Cancer Society building near our house. Also, my dad is a radiation oncologist, so I hear A LOT about cancer between the two of them. I think that it is SO wonderful that you did this! Also, having it from September-October, in such little time you probably did a lot for some people. I know a lot of people who have cancer, and I also try to raise money for these type of organizations. Once again, great job!
    Christina 🙂

    • Thank you, Christina. Our students are proud and happy for a job well done. It will be great when my students are my age and there is a cure for cancer. They will just barely remember the time when cancer was such a devastating diagnosis.

      Thanks for your kind words. It does sound like you and your family really do understand about cancer.

      Mrs. Krebs

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