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We Used the Bugscope Again

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Seventh graders used the Bugscope, anĀ Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We were able to use our laptop computers to control the microscope and chat with the scientists about what we were seeing.

One of the questions a student asked was, what is nanoscale? I should have shown this TED-Ed video called What is Nano? before we used the Bugscope, but we did watch it later. You can watch it here:

We were all intrigued by just how far we could zoom in on the insect parts. We were going deep into nanoscale.

You can view the archive of our session. Scroll down to 10:14 a.m. in the archive and you can actually see what we saw.

Here are the students’ blog posts about their Bugscope experience…






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  1. Hi. I was so intrigued by your first video. I kept looking at my hair and examining it. I really love learning new things. I am really interested psychology, though. We are learning about cells in science class and what cells are made of, so this video helped. Are your students interested in cells?

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