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American Cancer Society Fundraisers


Eighth graders are busy planning fundraisers to benefit the American Cancer Society. Last year our junior high raised $1,020. This year students are hoping to top that! Here’s what they have planned so far.

  • A petting zoo and horse racing game at our school on the day of the high school volleyball tournament
  • A Ribbon of Hope to honor those who have fought cancer
  • Two casual days, where students can pay money to be out-of-uniform
  • A bake sale
  • An event to soak a teacher with a super soaker

A culmination of all of these events will be a Relay Recess late in the fall. A Relay Recess is a mini Relay for Life for schools. Students are busy preparing!

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  1. Dear students of Mrs. Krebs,
    I am a middle school teacher at a Catholic School in Venice, Florida. Congratulations on your American Cancer Society donation last year of $1,020. That is something of which you can be very proud! I really like your petting zoo and horse racing ideas, too. Good luck with those.
    My middle school classes like to help others, too. Last year we hosted a teacher/student baseball game on September 11th. We called it “9 Innings for 9/11”. We raised about $800 and sent it to different charities: Smile Train, St. Jude, Share our Strength, and Our Mother’s House. We also collect can tabs all year to donate to the Shriners Children’s Hospital. We have done special projects, too, like hosting a movie night to raise funds for a horse stable that provides hippotherapy for disabled kids. One of our students is currently organizing a golf tournament for this same stable. We also sent care packages to American soldiers overseas.
    I really like your blog, and am honored that your teacher has included us as a Cool Class. We have included you on our list of Classy Classes! We’d love you to visit us on our blog. We are just starting out in the world of blogging.
    Good luck with your service projects!
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

  2. Hi Mrs.Kreb and class,
    I like your fundraising and your reading of choice books! We also do fundraising we call it the “9 innnings for 9/11 ” and many more! We have also read Margret Petterson Haddix’s books. We have just completed the first book “Found” and I am going to go onto the second book “Sent” .Come visit us at I really enjoyed your blog!

  3. What i’ve read from your blog is amazing and what you do is so cool. Donating and trying to help with the american cancer society is really going to make a differance.Rasing $1,020 is a lot of hard work but coming up with such fun ideas is a really hard part to. I cant wait to post more comments.What you do and what do are to totally two different do’s.But to gether we can make a differance.Could you also visit our web site

  4. This is a great blog and we collect tabs from soda. Last year i collected 150 tabs for our school. And the bottom of this picture I see you read books from Margaret Peterson Haddix. OUr whole class had to read the first “Found” and now I’ve started the second one “Sent” for a book report. It’s a great book so far and i can’t wait to finish. Well great keep posting great stuff!!!!

  5. Dear Mrs.Krebs students,

    I am in Mrs.Donofrio’s class. Some of my friends and I did “Relay For Life”. We walk for Cancer. I really like the ideas you guys made! The idea for horse racing is really clever! All of your thoughts sounds fun!! Do you guys like Mythology? If you go on our blog you can take a quiz on what hero are you. I hope you vist us!

    Lil Brooke

  6. Dear Mrs. Krebs and students,

    I think it’s great that you guys are raising money for the American Cancer Society. All of the ideas for fundraisers are great! Soaking teachers would definitely be my favorite! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites so far. We are brand new to blogging and would love it if you guys would check out our blog at


  7. Dear Mrs. Krebs and class,

    I thought you were kidding when you said you guys fundraised 1,020. I really hope you guys will raise more this year, you should with all those great ideas. I wish I could soak my teachers. In class we looked at your blog and it’s great, you should come check out our blog at



  8. I love this blog and I think it is great that you are doing fun activities so people will donate money to give to cancer. We donate money to the smile train and we also collect tabs from soda cans. Another thing that I think is really cool is that in the picture at the bottom there are the series of ” Haddix” and over the summer we read the book “Found”. I really enjoyed your blog.


  9. Dear Mrs. Krebs class,
    It’s really cool that you guys are razing money for the American Cancer Society! My school last year did the same thing last year and raised a lot of money from fundraising , carnivals, and the Relay for Life like you guys and its a great experience . Check out our blog sometime it has lots of cool things like a Greek mythology quiz and our teddy posts. Keep blogging!

  10. Hi guys! Your ideas and service are great for raising money, and I especially like the idea of spraying the teacher wet with water guns *snickers*. I wish you good luck in fundraising!


  11. Wow, that is amazing that your school raised $1,020! Are school also raises money for various organazations. This year we are going to have a Relay for Life team to represent our school at the local fundraiser. You and your class have many creative ideas for fundraising! I especially like the soak the teacher fundraiser. I love the books you have at the bottom of your whiteboard! My class and I have read the first Haddix book, Found. Hopefully, are class blog will be as succesful as yours! If you want check out our blog it is

  12. I think that it is great that your raising money for American Cancer Society fundraisers.It must be a
    great accomplishment to raise 1,020 . I hope you
    do well in the bake sell. ….yum I also collect tabs
    off soda cans for Shriners Children Hospital.Check
    out our school blog at

  13. Wow! This Blog is super cool! Great job on fundraising $1,020.00 for Cancer! That is super cool and great job to all the kids that helped! You guys rock! This blog also has alot of cool things to look at. I really enjoyed the no bullying video’s. My favorite was the Garbage Man one. When the bully popped out of know where I giggled a little. It almost looked like he was flying! You gys really have a cool blog! I hope you raise some more money for Cancer. Maybe one day you guys can visit my teachers class blog:

  14. Wow, that’s great that you are raising money for cancer! At our school, we have similar organizations that we donate to. One of them is for kids who have cleft palate. I love your blog. Maybe your class can come visit our blog:

  15. Dear, Mrs. Krebs class
    It is really great that you and your class raised $1,020.00
    for the american cancer society. Hopefully my class helps raise money this year to. I really enjoy all your blog post especially the one on stopping bullying. check out our class blog at

  16. Hello Mrs.Kreb’s students

    My name is Heather and I’m in Mrs.Donofrio’s seventh grade class in Venice,FL. My class loves your blog and we look at it almost every day. My class read the book Found by Margaret Petterson Haddix over summer break. Some of the kids in my class are reading Sent, and Sabotage. Ther are a great series of books. Your class is doing a very nice thing by holding a fundraiser. They seem like a fantastic class. Please visit my class blog.

    – Heather

  17. Its really cool that you guys raised $1020 for the American Cancer Society. My old school also helped out with relay for lfe, we also did other fundraising for the american cancer society. I really like your guy’s blog and you should check ours out some time at.

  18. Dear Mrs. Donofrio, Sydney, Alicia, Donovan, Brooke, Christian, Tanner, Molly, Aaron, Josh, Abby, Alexandra, Britton, Kyle, Heather, Courtney, and Kyle (are there two Kyles),

    Thank you so much for the barrage of comments! We don’t usually get so many on our blog. We like that you are enjoying visiting our blog. We really enjoyed going to your blog and taking the Greek heroes quiz. Mrs. Krebs came out as Polyphemus, and then since she didn’t know if she liked being a one-eyed monster holed up in a cave, she took it again and got Odysseus. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Krebs & Students

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