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Research Workshop Products


The last two weeks of school, history students were given time to research a topic they wanted to learn. Students were engaged and actively learning about a subject they cared about. Then they created a product to show their learning. Here are a few of their products…

An animap by Jason and Andrew of Sherman’s March to the Sea, Part 1.

Click to see the Animap on the webpage.

Sherman’s March Animap, Part 2.

Vanessa made a simulation board game to show some of the hardships slaves faced when trying to escape.

Another good product was a Fakebook page, which was an excellent way to show learning. Fakebook can be found at Click here to see Shiann’s fictionalized Brett family fakebook page.

Click to visit the Brett Family Fakebook page.

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  1. Dear Krebs’ Class,
    Thank you for introducing me to Fakebook. What a brilliant way to present research. I’m thinking it would be perfect for an historical character or event and also for a character in a novel. I’ll definitely use this presentation method soon!
    from Ms Norton

    • Ms. Norton,
      We are happy you can use it! This was the first time anyone in our class used it too, and we thought it was a great way to show understanding! (Shiann isn’t sure how to change the Brett Family default picture now that it’s been published. Maybe you had to do it when first making the page.)

  2. What a fantastic project, full of choices and creativity. Thanks for sharing your projects and ideas here. Students, you are “awesome” because you have created learning lessons for others by learning the facts and translating them into another form that builds understanding through your words, art, and artifacts. Wowser! (Don’t you have a great teacher? Be sure to thank her!)

  3. Ms. Edwards,
    Thanks so much for the comment and for visiting our blog post. Students are done for the summer! I can’t believe it has come to that time already here in Iowa.

    I will look forward to more students translating their learning for others next year!

    Thanks again,

    Mrs. Krebs

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