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No Bullying


We wore pink shirts today in support of No Bullying. We got the idea on Darcy’s blog in the student blogging challenge. Jade saw Darcy’s blog post on Thursday and received permission to announce to the whole school to take a stand against bullying by wearing pink on Friday. There was a great response today! We proudly said no to bullying.

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  1. Dear students,
    I like the idea of wearing pink to show you are against bullying! I think, my students would also like to join you next time you act against bullying.

    With best wishes,
    Mrs Black, a teacher from Moscow, Russia.

  2. Dear Ms. Krebs Class,

    I go to a school in Venice Flordia I’m in Mrs.Donofrios class! I noticed that you already have us on your “cool classes”. I really liked the video you all put up to stand up against bullying. It was a great way to show people you are against it by wearing pink shirts one day. It’s really inspiring to people my age to show that you say no to bullying. I think it was a wondeful idea keep up your great blog.


  3. This is a good idea. When you wear pink it is to show that you are against bullying and love each other.

  4. I love your website. Our teacher puts her books on the lege just like you on a nethier picture on your website. I think its nice you do charity work. We also read the same books.can you write back to me about some books you like some of mine are diary of the wimpy kid and goosbump books.

  5. Dear Mrs. Kreb and class,
    I have really enjoyed looking through your blog. I am a student in Mrs. Donofrio’s english class. I particularly love this post and video a lot!!! It would be really neat to do something like this at our school to show we are against bullying. The pink shirts were neat ideas and the video portrayed your loving students quite well.
    Also while going though your blog, I saw a post on a project your students or class had been working on. While I was at a conference, we did something similar! It was really a lot of fun. The white tubes really work great.
    Thank you so much for adding Mrs. Donofrio to your cool classes! I am sure she and the rest of our class greatly appreciates it. You can learn more about her and our class on our school blog, so check us out!

    Thanks so much, Makenzie.

  6. Dear Mr.Kreb and class,
    I absolutely LOVE the idea of wearing pink to stop bullying. I have read your other pages and it looks like your class is very involved in the community. I admire your class’ effort to make the world a better place. I hope that we can follow your footsteps in helping the community. Thank you for caring so much about the world.
    ~Megan B.

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