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Book Spine Poems


We wrote some book spine poems today. It was a fun and creative poetry assignment. Students enjoyed coming up with something just using book titles. Here are all the poems in a Flickr set, along with a few of my favorites below.

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  1. I really like this project! It’s very cool. What were the hardest titles that people chose? Please visit my blog!

  2. I love the baseball one! I thought about doing this, but wondered if it would be a nightmare for my librarian (I see 120 kids in s day).

    • Mrs. Coughlin,
      It was an interesting time in the library. Some of the students used our classroom library and some went to the school library, so that helped spread them out a bit. Besides composing these interesting “found” poems, there was a second objective met: practicing (and finding) books in the library. Students enjoyed looking up keywords under a title search, so then they had to use the call number to find the books. It was surprising to me how little some of them remembered about how to do that. I think it was worth the time and craziness in the library.

      Mrs. Krebs

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