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Global Climate Change


Working on science research

Right now Mrs. Krebs is taking an online course about Global Climate Change through PBS. Seventh graders are helping her with a short mini unit. First, we did a bit of online research about the chemistry involved in greenhouse gases.

Carbon, for instance, never goes away. It combines with different elements and keeps going through a continuous cycle. When it is taken out of the earth as fossil fuel and then burned, much of the carbon joins with oxygen to become carbon dioxide. It is absorbed into the atmosphere. Even though it is a small fraction of a percent of the gas in our atmosphere, CO2 is a powerful greenhouse gas because it absorbs heat very well. It is also on the rise, up 30% since the Industrial Revolution began.

Here are some great resources students have been studying:

Students playing The Carbon Cycle Game

As we learned about global climate change, we also made a wish list. We brainstormed some of the things we wish we could change:

  • We wish that the polar bears and other creatures wouldn’t have to lose their homes from melting ice.
  • We also wish that people would stop killing themselves and the environment and that instead we use clean energies and not have oil rigs, especially in the water. It will kill more and more animals and marine life.
  • We wish we could make the earth warmer and try to save some animals whose habitats are being destroyed.
  • We wish we could get more windmills and use solar panels to run things.
  • We wish we would be more careful on how much trash we throw away.
  • We wish we would recycle more and save trees.
  • We wish that all cars would run on solar power.
  • We wish we wouldn’t use so much gas.
  • We wish that all of the ice would stop melting  because the animals are dying from no homes or food to eat.
  • We wish people would use more renewable energy.
  • We wish people would use solar panels and wind mills.
  • We wish everyone would take better care of the earth.
  • We wish that they would make a lot more windmills in this world to help our planet.
  • We also wish that we wouldn’t waste as many products as we usually do.
  • We wish that people would stop littering to save our earth.
  • We wish people would stop using gas-powered cars because they put too much carbon into the air. They should use electric cars, solar powered, and water powered cars.
  • We wish we could have more solar powered cars so we don’t waste energy and pollute the air.
  • We wish we could keep garbage out of the ocean, so the animals have a nice home in the water so they can swim all around.
  • We wish that people would stop littering and start recycling, so all of the garbage we throw out won’t pile up and make it a waste pile.
  • We wish the ice would stop melting so the animals could get their home back.
  • We wish people would stop polluting the air with their cars.
  • We wish people would stop littering and use recycling bins.
  • We wish people wouldn’t cut down trees and taking away animals homes.
  • We both wish our grand kids could have snow not frosty the dirt man.
  • We wish that there would be some snow during the winter and super hot in the summer for good harvest and some rain.
  • We wish that the world wouldn’t end because of the trash and that the world will be a better place for other people.
  • We wish that people recycle and there would be electric cars and that we would protect the ozone layer.
  • We wish that people would recycle and use electricity wisely.
  • We wish the ice would stop melting, so the animals that live in the artic have somewhere to live.
  • We wish people wouldn’t use as many plastic bags and water bottles, and that they would reuse the ones they do.
  • We wish that people would do more for the environment which means recycle, pick up trash, stop pollution, use less electricity. If we can do just this little it will help change the world and make it a better place to live and grow.

I Wish...
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Later in the spring we will be working on a larger unit on Ecology and Global Climate Change. We will revisit those wishes, using our genius to make the world a safe and healthy environment for future generations.

Some of the recycling projects already going on at our school.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Your studies are important. One of the best ways of helping deal with global climate change is to be informed. It’s ignorance of the issues which allows people to believe there isn’t a growing problem.

    In the area of Australia in which I live, our climate is becoming drier on average and also warmer. Areas on the family’s old dairy farm where, as a child, I wouldn’t walk for fear of losing a boot int he mud have been mud free for years now.

    I have also noticed some changes in birds in may area. One species, for example, was once never found this far south as they preferred warmer areas. Now, the white headed pigeon is breeding in our area. While it’s great to be able to see the species here, it makes you wonder what is happening to species needing cooler climates. Will they eventually only be found in zoos and aviaries?

    I am impressed by the details of your climate wish list. This blog can go a long way in spreading the word, >climate change is real.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Hi Mr. Mannell,
      During our studies we learned that humans are helping and speeding up the process of global climate change. For example if you go to a largely populated city like Los Angeles there is an eternal fog there from just the cars! I believe that if we spread the word and people listen we could change the world for the better.

      I hope to see the world change, if not for me, for the next generation. Atze

    • I agree Mr. Mannell that ignorance is a problem because then people ignore the problems in the world.

      I have noticed there has been very little snow this year and it has been warmer than usual. I hate to admit it, but the world is in a critical condition right now.


  2. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    Thanks for taking an interest in our studies. Global warming is an important topic we need to be aware of. I think it is important to save the earth and stop global warming.

  3. Hi Mr. Mannell,
    Our winter here has been a very warm and unusual winter. The past winters we have hardly been able to get out of our houses. This winter it has been warm and mushy. Then it goes on and off for coldness. It recently snowed and I am thinking it will get warm and melt like before. I think that global warming is happening from all the pollution to our earth and everything else bad that is happening to our earth. I think we should be trying to prevent it and save our earth.


  4. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    Our winter has not been like it usually is. It is warmer and not as snowy. Although we have just received our first major snowstorm. In science we are learning about Global Climate Change. I have learned that a lot of polar bears and other creatures are losing their homes. It is a sad fact.

  5. Dear Mr Mannell,
    We are learning about Global Climate Change. Our winter has not been like the ones before it. It has been fairly warm and barely snowy at all. I’ve learned that the ice is melting and polar animals won’t have a home anymore.

  6. Hi Mr. Mannel,
    This year we have had an unusual warm winter. Our winters are usually cold and snowy. This year we have not had much snow. From the winter we have experienced this year we might think that there is global warming occurring.

  7. Dear Mr Mannell,
    Thank you for looking at our blog post and commenting back on your thoughts about global warming. This winter has been different then we are used to. I hope you enjoy looking at our blog. Dustin

  8. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    I live in a small town in Iowa. We had unusual weather. We had cold weather, then warm weather.

  9. Ross
    The same thing is happening up here our weather is different from what it should be. Some days it is nice and hot, but the next day it is snowing and cold. One thing I had learned about global warming is the ozone layer is a lot thinner than 20 years ago. Did you know they found holes in the ozone layer longer than a mile?


  10. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    I live in a small town in Iowa where we had an unusual winter. one day it’s warm and the next it is cold.

  11. Hi Mr. Mannell
    This winter has been unusual for Iowa. There hasn’t been much snow and the weather was warm, and now it’s raining with a lot of snow. It is great to learn about climate change. Thank you for your information
    -Anna F.

  12. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    The weather here has been different here we just got rain today it has been different than it has before. its been more slushy and it has been cold and then warm here its been on and off.


  13. Mr Mannell
    We have been having a weird winter this year. The weather changes every day.

  14. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    Our winter here this year hasn’t had much snow we have had snow in different periods of time. Thank you for commenting on our post on Global Climate Change!

  15. Dear Mr. Mannell,
    We are having a very different year. We didn’t have snow till the middle of January when normally we have it by the middle of December.

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