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Happy St. Nicholas Day


Today is St. Nicholas Day, the day when St. Nicholas traditionally left gifts in shoes. Yesterday in the announcements, the students were told to leave their shoes by their lockers.

I don’t think we have done this before, but the students seemed to know they didn’t want to miss out. Some of them didn’t have PE shoes here, and with the snow, they couldn’t go home barefooted. They got creative. They made cardboard shoes, they shared a pair, someone even used mittens and labeled them shoes. 🙂

This morning they weren’t disappointed, for St. Nick had arrived, and no one received coal.

Here is the poem that was left with the chocolate coins:

We remember this saint, such a holy, good man.
Be like him in charity, do all that you can.
Call him “Santa” or “Saint,” they both mean the same,
For his nickname is Claus, short for Nicholas’ name.
Giving gifts was his custom–we still do today.
Deeds done in Jesus’ name forever will stay.

Happy St. Nicholas Day to all!

Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. it would be so wird to leave your shoes at the lockers.

  2. Wow, this sounds a lot like what they did at my old school in Waitsfield. It was a little annoying not having are shoes, because some bus drivers wouldn’t let us on without shoes. We got around it by wearing one shoe. Heres my blog, please comment on it

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