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What is History?


First day of school and I wanted to ask this question of my 8th grade geniuses: “What is History?”

They wrote some deep thoughts, considering it was 80+ degrees in our room and 9:00 a.m. on the first day after a long summer of freedom.

Here are the significant things they had to say:

Then we watched this awesome video by Miss Hamad in New South Wales.

This year in history class, we will work on answering the questions in the video:

  1. What happened?
  2. How can I honor those before me?
  3. How does yesterday affect me?
  4. What dreams do I have?
  5. How can I make sense of today?
  6. What mistakes can I avoid?
  7. How can I change my world?
  8. Who am I?

We are already off to a great start. You can see how much I will enjoy learning and growing with these student geniuses!

Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. Dear 8th Grade Historians,

    Thanks for your great thoughts on what you think history is. I liked how some of you added thoughts about the small moments in history as well as those great moments that have defined our world. The video link is a great one and I will be sharing it with some of my teaching colleagues.

    Exploring history can be great fun as you can look at your own, your family’s, your state’s, your country’s and the world’s events and see common themes and ideas.

    Mrs S

  2. Thank you very much, Mrs.S. We are working not only to learn about history but to become history by connecting to the world.

    Thank you,

  3. Thanks Mrs. S I’m one of those geniuses. I’m Becca from Mrs Krebs 8th grade class. When Mrs. Krebs said to start writing about history, I wasn’t for sure what to say. That means a lot to me that you like the video.

  4. Great first responses. I wonder if they will change over time? I especially liked you knowing that everyone & everything has a history no matter how insignificant. Good luck with your study of this wonderful subject area and have a terrific year.

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