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  1. Wow I was amazed by Flat Stanley’s movie. I also grow herbs but I was impressed you also keep seeds from the past year. Why do you think that is important?

    • Mr. Wood,
      I’m a beginner in the gardening world, so I’m not sure I’ll have success with all those re-seedings of plants. Each of the last two years I have saved a variety of seeds and tried to grow them again. This spring I have planted the third generation of sunflowers.

      One reason I do it is to try to save money. There are also heritage (or heirloom) seeds available that aren’t hybrid or genetically-modified. You are supposed to be able to keep planting the seeds year-after-year and never buy seeds again. I may have to try that next year.

      It would be nice to not be dependent on companies (seed, grocery, food manufacturers) for our food, wouldn’t it?

      Thanks for visiting,
      Mrs. Krebs

  2. Wow! That is going to be a great herb garden! I’d love to see the photos of the garden when it is growing more.
    I love cooking and love to grow my own herbs too but our summer was so wet this year it was difficult to grow anything well.
    I wish you luck with your garden.
    Thanks for getting Stanley to help. Hopefully he will share his new knowledge when he gets home.
    Mrs Howlin

  3. I think that recycling seeds for plants is a great idea. It is good to save money so you can grow heaps and heaps of plants for not much money. from Laura

  4. I am sure that Stanley is having a good time
    with you I hope Stanley had heaps of fun with you while planting in the garden.

  5. I like your garden. We dont have a garden because we live in a unit. from Jason

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