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Flat Stanley Came For a Visit


Welcome, Stanley, all the way from New South Wales, Australia! Mrs. Howlin’s Year 3 and 4 students sent us nine sturdy Stanleys. They came in a mailer with photos, drawings, and stories.

Since we only have four more days of school before summer break, we got busy entertaining them and introducing them to our Iowa school. Here is a video that shows some of their adventures today.

The students also took them home for the weekend to experience life on the farm, high school graduation parties, traveling, and all the other busy details of a junior higher weekend.

I can’t wait to find out what they do this weekend.

Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. Oh my goodness. I laughed and I cried (tears of joy…I’m like that). What an amazing time you are giving Stanley and you haven’t even taken him home yet.
    It is Saturday here so my students probably won’t see this post till we get back to school on Monday. I can just imagine their reaction when they see their Stanley with you. I’m not sure till now, they fully understood what they were part of.
    Guys you are awesome! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mrs Howlin

    • Oh, Mrs. Howlin,
      From your letter I knew you had a sense of humor (e.g. jumping off the jetty). I laughed aloud when my students brought the video camera back to me–I had not been with them on their little excursion. I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for visiting. My students will be excited to read your comment on Monday too.

      Thank you for sending Stanley to us! What a joy it is to connect with friends around the world.

      Mrs. Krebs

  2. This was the funniest video! I loved it.

    I can tell you would be a really fun class to be with. I can’t wait to see what all the Flat Stanleys did over the weekend. I hope you make another video!

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  4. Hello I am Andrew part of Mrs. Krebs class. The day that the Flat Stanley’s arrived, we had a lot of fun we read the booklets and some people took them on a tour it was fun having them come here. It was a great experience.

  5. Hi my name is Jason from the 7th grade class. When they arrived we were so surprised and happy to show them what happens around here.

  6. I like the video it was funny.I thought it was funny when he was hugging another Stanley. I hope he is being good and not eating too much food or he won’t be flat anymore.

  7. Thank you for looking after my Stanley. I hope he is being good. Michael

  8. Dear Mrs Krebs class,
    I thought that was amazing. Don’t eat too much chocolate because then he won’t be flat and he might be sick on the way home.

    From Angus

  9. I loved the video I found it really funny. From watching the video I’m sure my Flat Stanley is having a great time especially when he went parachuting. Thank you for looking after my Flat Stanley.

  10. Thank you for having fun with my Flat Stanley. I loved the video. It made me laugh because It was very very very funny and I hope my Flat Stanley had fun too. Thank you after him. from Sara

  11. I like the video you did.I found it really funny.I liked the bit when the two Flat Stanleys hugged.I know he will have fun.Thank you for looking after him for me. from April

  12. Hi I am Emily, I really loved your blog where Stanley helped you look through the dictionary, had a party with you and helped you clean.
    What was that big sink with the funny tap for?
    It was fun to see my Stanley having a great time. Thank you.

  13. I will like to have a another video. I hope you are having fun with all the stanley

  14. Hi Mrs Krebs Class and Mrs Krebs
    My students really appreciated your comment on our blog. We were really interested in your feedback on our videos because it gave us something to work on.
    We tried to look at your videos at school but unfortunately our bandwidth is so overloaded it won’t run Animoto videos. We can run many other video platforms but not this. Our technician is unsure why this might be so. This, however, will change because we have just had a satellite dish installed so things will get better.
    So I have watched them at home. I was completely entertained by your journey with your Flat Stanleys. I laughed throughout the video and really enjoyed seeing your school. I gasped at the end when Flat Stanley went over the balcony but was pleased to know they actually had parachutes on!
    Once again thank you for sharing with us. I realise now you are on summer break but thought maybe you might look at your blog at some point.
    Kind regards
    Ms Matthews and Room 3

  15. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……………… Ohh yeah I loved the video!!!

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