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Can You Read My Rebus?


Rebus from

I know many of you can relate to the message in the rebus above! A fellow student challenger’s post inspired me. Michaela’s picture sentence made me think of a site that makes cool rebus puzzles.

Try making your own and other cool word art at The name for this fun site can be hard to remember, but I usually think of the word festival, which means a celebration or party. Then I can remember the name, for this site is a festival of word art!

Try all the fun stuff, but here are directions for using the rebus maker. When you first go to the site, you’ll see this menu bar. Scroll over with the right arrow.

click here

Next, choose Text Layout and Rebus:
Screen shot 2011-04-09 at 3.04.22 PM

Delete the default message.

Delete the default text.

Add your own message and click on “Layout Text.”

Add your message and click to make a rebus.

Your rebus comes up on a new screen…

Rebus that says, "Write your own message here." Can you see it?

This rebus says, "Write your own message here." Can you see it?

Here is another one for you to try. Click on it to make it larger.

What is the message in this rebus?

The second word in the last puzzle is “is”? Can anyone figure out why? I can’t. Please leave a comment and explain if you can help us.

Also, after you decode it, please leave a comment to answer the question?

Visit a Glogster about for more fun!

Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. I do not blog normally, so I can not answer that question. It’s a shame that no one commented your post. Thanks anyways for posting a rebus. I was looking for a good one to solve.

  2. My best guess is that the four little blocks represent examples of those used in the game “tetris,” and “tetris” minus “tetr” makes “is.” Hope that clears things up!

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