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Shape Poems


Students created some wonderful shape poems. The assignment was to use words to create a picture of something they were passionate about. I think their work shows both passion and genius.

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Author: Denise Krebs

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  1. Ahhhhh! The BEAUTY of Words! You guys have really got it going here. I was very impressed with your artwork – makes me want to take a closer look! Woo Hoo to Yoo!

  2. This is so creative; words and pictures in one. awesome. Well done everyone.

  3. These are fabulous. I love the idea and may have to use it with my class. How did you get animoto to allow you to have longer than 90 seconds?

    • Hi Mavis, thanks for visiting. I signed up for an educator account. I believe it’s a 30 second limit for non-educators, and unlimited with an education account.


  4. I really enjoyed the creative work of these poems! Students should be very proud of their hard work and imaginative work!

  5. Great Animoto the music fitted it well good job.

  6. Wow that was very creative how you did it on Animoto. I have always loved Animoto there is a lot of things you can do. Also do a lot of people in your class play basketball because I do and I saw some basketball stuff sooo just asking. Good job your class has always had a talent with blogging!!

    • Thanks, Andrew, for your nice comments. Many people in my class love basketball! They are watching the college championship series now. They love to play too, and they are good! Thanks for visiting!

      Mrs. Krebs

  7. Your shape poems show a lot of imagination. Looks like you had fun making them and the playful music adds to that impression. Kudos!

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