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Best Student Blogs of 2010


What do you think? Do you want to take a risk? Do you want to have a great blog? Do you want to have the best student blog of 2011?

Aspiring Busker

If you do, we can take the baby steps needed to make that a possibility! It just takes a commitment to sharing your genius with the world–creating, contributing, connecting, collaborating, and curating.

Think about it, and talk to me if you want to be in the list of the best student blogs.

Visit the Best Student Blogs from last year.

See Aspiring Busker on Flickr.

Author: Denise Krebs

I'm the chief learner in life's adventure.


  1. Mrs. Krebs

    Thank you for being my blog commentator. I get forward to know you and continuing to advance my bog.


  2. Dear Mrs. Krebs,
    My name is Molly, and I am from Norfolk, Nebraska. I want to thank you for being a commentator on my blog! I look forward to learning more about you!

  3. Hey, my name is Haley and I live in Nebraska. I have recently registered for the blogging challenge and you are the teacher that will be following me. I took time to look through your blog and you have some very helpful posts. I will be looking forward to getting a comment back from you!(:

  4. Hi Mrs. Krebs’! Thanks for being my guest commentator! I read some of your posts and they are very interesting.

    Thanks again,

  5. Hello I am one of your blog challenge students. My name is Justin. My blog is Thank you for being my commenter.

  6. Hey this is Insert Name Here (jk this is Grant) i just wanted to thatnk you for being one of my guest commentators thanks again and have a nice day.

    • Hey, Grant, welcome to our blog. You have a good sense of humor, I see! I will be excited to visit your blog and see what’s cooking!

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