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OK, blogger geniuses! Stay busy and make me proud. Here are the assignments you should finish by the end of the period today.

  1. Finish your avatar if you haven’t already.
  2. Register for the blogging challenge.
  3. Leave a wish on the Wall Wisher. Ask Matt, Brittany, Abby or Melissa if you need help. Your wish won’t show up until I approve it.
  4. Visit some of the other classrooms and see what kind of work they are doing.
  5. Leave a well-written and meaningful comment, if you have time.
  6. Add a blog post. Add a question at the end that invites comments.

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  1. Hello! I’m so glad to see you all in this challenge! I love the look of your blog and can’t wait to communicate with you!

    Mrs. Allen

    • Mrs. Allen, we are very excited to get started in the challenge. Thanks for visiting. I’ll be sure to read your third graders new blog too.
      Mrs. Krebs

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