Krebs' Class Blogs

Constructing, creating, communicating, collaborating, and thinking critically in grade 5.

February 28, 2018
by Denise Krebs

Persuade, Inform or Entertain


If you are brave, come and join our club where we fight alligators. A20


The crocodile is very dangerous. A23


There was a man, and he wanted to catch a fish. A crocodile came and wanted to eat the man, but the man kicked the crocodile. A22

Rico zoomed across the Amazon River. The crocodile was gaining speed. It wanted to eat Rico for lunch. Rico didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to get eaten. He revved the engine… A9


Come and buy our car. It could drive withour steering. Come and get it. It costs just 10,000 dollars; it is a big offer. A21

Hello, everybody, today we have a car. It’s named the Lazy Car. If you are lazy, buy this car. It will drive alone. All you have to do is press the MAP. A10

If you want to buy this car, go to and buy it for free. Tell the car where you want to go and it will drive itself. Thank you! A5

Come on down to Car Town where we have the Air-o-Car. It makes traveling around easy, and has a bag holder that takes off to heaven (just kidding). It will take you to paradise, and by that I mean vacation. A8


This looks like a wind-powered car. There is a wind turbine in the back that has been added on. It drives on just three wheels.


There was an old man who saw that everyone had a car. The old man was very upset. One day he decided that he would create his own car. He thought to himself: I was a great mechanic when I was young. A18

There was a man who had a nice car. He saw a trash bin beside the street. When he got home, he found that the trash bin he saw was stuck on the back of his car. A20

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