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April 4, 2017
by angy24a7


Best friends are friends that take care of you, stand by you, and ask about you. When you’re going to pick a friend pick carefully. You also need to know how they act and how they are. I have a lot of best friends and friends. In our school, we all are equal and we all play together. But, we still have best friends.

If you have a best friend that picks on you, you better leave her/him. But if your friend is nice then stay with her/him as long as you can. You also need to let them know everything that happens to you, so they can stand out for whoever messes around with you. Remember it’s fine to be different 🙂

By: Angy

November 22, 2016
by Denise Krebs


Dear Earth,

If you have a lot of friends you are lucky. Because you’ll have fun with them. But if you have only few friends like me, you can stay with them. But I like to be alone.

Friendship is a sign of love. They will be next to you at all times. They may tell you things that you didn’t learn before.

You may get friends from a club or in school or some other places. And you can tell them new things that they don’t know.

Please let me know that you have new friends.


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