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March 8, 2017
by ZozyZain

Be Positive! Part 1

Always try to be positive no matter what. You wonder how am I gonna do that, especially with mean girls by my side? Well, make their negatives into a positive or a joke, or just ignore it.

Keep trying, and it will make you a little more positive than you already are. Just try and you’ll see. If it doesn’t work, keep trying and you’ll get it someday. Like in the photo I’m showing you. Our class couldn’t go because it was for a challenge.  🙁

March 7, 2017
by ZozyZain
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Hi, I’m Zain in grade 5 and today I will be talking about something you should do every day:

You should always imagine seeing things that you can’t do or will never come true. But you need to take something to symbolize what you’re imagining and if you would like to know about some examples check out Ayman’s blog yesterday.



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