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July 7, 2017
by salamander
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Baby Ducks

I love baby ducks, and another animal that I will talk about in another blog.

Baby ducks are so nice and beautiful I have a story that I will tell.

Before 3 years the teacher told the class to bring animals. I don’t remember what I brought but I remember what Kawther brought. She brought a duck and I loved it.

I came back home and told my mom I want a duck like Kawther had a duck. She said okay. Then we went out and I bought a duck.

I took a container and I dropped it in it. The duck was drowning and swimming in the same time. I was scared that it will die. My mom said, “Don’t be scared. It’s a duck. It will know how to swim.”

And in the same night I woke up at night and I saw the duck dead. I grabbed it and went crying to my mom. She said, “It’s fine. All the animals die and God wrote for it to die.”

May 24, 2017
by salamander

To my pen pal: Tanner

Dear Tanner,

Thank you. Me too — I’m happy that you are my pen pal. I sent you a Bahrain coin but the letter got lost so I’m sorry. The Arab funny youtuber is spooki and I just got his glasses yesterday at 9:50 PM. He and Dan tdm are my favorite youtubers. They are the best and the funniest.

See you soon and have fun in your summer holiday. We also have 22 days before summer. We will fast in Ramadan. So, take care and have fun.

Love your friend Salman,



May 3, 2017
by salamander


The white tiger is

so super magnificent

can run realy fast





The armadillo

protective and amazing

so cool runs so fast

March 31, 2017
by salamander


Football is my favorite hobby. Nike is my favorite football company because Cristiano Ronaldo 7 is my favorite football player. Nike gave him shoes. They let him make shoes. It’s written on his shoes: CR7, and I have a pair of his shoes. My CR7 shoes are not allowed in the school. The color is gray with flash yellow lines.

March 22, 2017
by salamander

My Goals

My goals are

  1. to make a big novel
  2. to make a kind of a game that will be famous one day
  3. to make a YouTube channel that has vlogs and challenges with my friends
  4. I want to work as a scientist for animals or fossils or stones and to see different animals like salamanders.

March 21, 2017
by salamander
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Happy Mothers Day

I love my mom so much because she teaches me and buys for me anything I want. She was tired when she was teaching me. When I cry, she wipes my tears. She tells me, Stop crying. You’re a man now.”

I need to help her like she helped me when I was small. You’re the best mother in the world and happy mother’s day.

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