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April 26, 2017
by MeltenRay55
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Prepositional Phrases Poem

On the tall mountain

Between the sleeping dragons

Down the tall mountain

Through the giant crocodiles

In the cave

Around the grizzly bear

Out of the cave


April 24, 2017
by MeltenRay55

Clash Royal

Clash Royal is a very popular game. The game is all about cards and strategy,you have 3:00 min. to win you’re opponent. You have 11 arenas in this game, and you can collect more than 55 CARDS!!!! There are 4 rarities: common, rare, epic and LEGENDARY! I have only 2 LEGENDARY. Legendary cards is the most difficult cards to get. You have 8 slots to create your (deck) . This is your place where you put your cards and use them.



March 31, 2017
by MeltenRay55


I wish that my future will be great. I will work as an architect or as a scientist. I want to get a sport car like a Bugatti or a Ferrari. (If I will be rich though.) I  will have a great wife and a son or a daughter. I wish to have  a great and happy life. I would call my son (Mohamed or Nawaf) or a daughter (Naema or Fatima).

March 29, 2017
by MeltenRay55
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Overwatch is a game which is about future. It’s 2 teams fight each other for 1 thing. To win, there are 23 characters.

You need to choose 1 of the 23 characters. You have 5 teammates and with you will be 6 people. Then you battle. You can be in the defending side or the attacking side. Then you battle to escort the payload or defend it. You need to attack to capture the point. You can sometimes defend it because sometimes both the teams attack to the point.

This is the game. And there are maps to play on.


March 17, 2017
by MeltenRay55

The Unrealistic World

In the unrealistic World, everybody thinks it is awesome in there…But you will die and come back from death and the same thing happens. But sometimes unrealistic stuff can be peaceful. For example, a game called Overwatch. It’s sometimes peaceful and sometimes unsafe. All unrealistic stuff can be dangerous.. Better think TWICE…… & beware of death..

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