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April 20, 2017
by sharifa24a24


I used to have a dog, I realized how much they’re thoughtful, kind and friendly. That’s why I never felt like I’m not safe. They are so protective, but when my dog got stolen I felt like I’m never safe, and that there is no one as funny as my dog. I started feeling so lonely like I have no one else in life, then I realized that I can forget about him but I couldn’t, but now I became more thoughtful about what happened. I can still remember him with his nice eyes and his cute smile, but I started to think about him. When I’m sad, I miss him. I feel like I can have a better life, and I think that he’s in a place where he has friends and has fun more than before.

Made by Sharifa

April 7, 2017
by sharifa24a24

Bad People VS Good People

Bad People  VS  Good People

I noticed that there are a lot of good people. There are some bad people that are bad people but are being nice, but some people are truly evil.

Good people:

kind, helpful and enjoyable.

Bad people:

troublemaker, mean and they are bad friends that might lead you in trouble.

Who do you want to be? A bad person or a good person?

Comment who won!!!

March 29, 2017
by sharifa24a24

Diamante poem


active       athletics

tumbling      splitting    handstanding

Gymnastics            is              my                life.

sleeping                   dying         tiring

  grumpy              ugly


March 29, 2017
by fatoom

Cats vs Dogs

I love cats, cats are my favorite besides unicorns and horses. Cats have a special thing that makes them special. Maybe it’s magic; I don’t know. I simply like them. I have a cat at home. His name is Prince Junior. He is so cute that everybody likes him. He is like a star in the blank sky. I’m addicted to cats. So many companies have a logo of a cat like Nyan video game cat.

Now dogs, dogs are cute, lovely, and sweet, kind and they protect their owner. They are the best. So here is a poem:

dogs are the best       it’s your choice

if you like them       I don’t know why

but they’re cute and sweet           lovely and kind

my dog Fluffy is the best to find

dogs by sharifa24a24

cats the favorite of them all by me

March 29, 2017
by fatoom



cute, cool

dreaming, sleeping, playing

cats make you cool

pooping, barking, annoying

ugly, grumpy


By Fatima and Sharifa

March 21, 2017
by sharifa24a24

Mothers Day

you taught me the right and wrong              you taught me the words

               you made me live my life                you taught me gymnastics

           you treated me like an angel            but you are an angel


               so give a huge to your mom and tell her “you’re the best”


March 14, 2017
by sharifa24a24

true friend

♥if you know what a true friend is for♥ 
                                 you know what a good life is likea bad friend is like waves in the sea♥ 

                                 but a good friend is like angels in the skyno matter what he's always on your side♥ 

                                 and his impossible to forgetyour true friend is an angel in the sky

People in Nature

March 13, 2017 by sharifa24a24 | 1 Comment

Have you ever thought how people live in nature?

People in nature live a wildlife.They search for food by hunting animals just to eat, they try to make clothes so they can survive.Their life is a terrifying life.

Be thankful for what you have!!

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