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April 26, 2017
by abdulla24a1

earth day

hello today is the earth day

don’t make the earth trash

and do make yourself love

if you love the earth throw away your trash

don’t throw the things in the sea

because you will not see



April 16, 2017
by abdulla24a1

                              how to be good

Get good marks
Be successful
I study every two hours
Eat well
So be successful

April 7, 2017
by abdulla24a1
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History of Bahrain

Old time cannot steal.
In the old days, houses were one Bahraini dinar because of poverty.
In ancient times there was no quarrel.
Women of great faith wear two coats.
Bahrain is the first to discover oil in the Arabian Gulf.
Bahrain is famous for pearls.

It will remain the largest pearl in the heart.
The biggest thing in my heart was the fight,
and the conflict was the best.

Bahrain in my heart Bahrain.

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