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March 22, 2017
by ZozyZain

Why Dogs Should Not Tell Jokes!!

Do you think that dogs should tell jokes or are you like me, and think they shouldn’t? Really it’s your choice but I prefer them not telling jokes. You will just look at their adorable faces and not focus too much on the text. That’s technically why the joke is even there in the first place.

People think that their joke will get more views because of the dogs, which is true but most people don’t focus on the joke. That’s just a waste of Photoshop and editing, so just publish your joke, and it might be popular. You might even be in the Ellen DeGeneres show.

March 22, 2017
by b21sara24
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Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day! Mothers are the best people. Mother does not differentiate between her children! I love my mom so much :-

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” (Author unknown)



March 22, 2017
by kawthar
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Happy Mother’s Day

Hi, everybody, how are you? Good to see you.

Today I will talk to you about my Mom.

My Mom is one, not two.

If you give me a million dollars for giving you my Mom, of course, I will say NO.

Thanks for reading.


March 22, 2017
by b12maryam24


Hi, I will tell you about my family. First I have three sisters. I don’t have a  brother, but I would like to have one brother. My oldest sister is Fatima, and I have a second sister named Anfal, and I have a third sister named Sarah.  Sadly  I am the last and fourth sister, but it is okay because I enjoy being last. My friend told me something she told me ”last is best ”. This is what she told me. Then I have my mom and my dad. I love them so much and no one can ever forget them. No one can be mad at them. I think that every day.



March 22, 2017
by b25zainab24
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Happy Mothers Day

I love my mom. My mom is the best mom ever in the world . When mothers day came I gave her perfume. She was surprised that I bought her perfume. When her birthday came two days before, I bought gold for her because  I LOVE MY MOM .

Happy Mother's Day by ilnanny


March 22, 2017
by b16naeema24
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Best Mother Ever

Today I will write about Mothers day! I love Mother’s day  because all my family gather together, and we switch gifts with each other. I love gifts because they make me feel good.

My mom ….my mom is a special thing in my life. She wants the best for my brothers and me. She teaches me a lot of things like -:



how to be a good person!


she is a mother = BIG & GREAT WORD

Because she is a mom.

March 22, 2017
by AliMohsin7


I love my mom. I like my mom, and she want to me give me a gift. When she will be a very like me, and I like my mom.


March 22, 2017
by b8hawraa24

A Mother to a child

  A mother is a word that has very few letters. But it has many powerful meanings to a child. A mother to the world, she’s just an ordinary woman, but to her children she’s their life and love. Respect your mom or else you’ll regret.

                                                           Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone

March 22, 2017
by TEZgaming


YouTube is My Personal Life Job.

I love YouTube. It’s so Awesome!!!

It started on 14th Of February 2005 On Valentine’s Day.

Every Year They Make Youtube Rewind To Celebrate The Day It Was Created.

I Joined Youtube On April 15th 2015.

And it was An Awesome Feeling.

I enjoyed watching Youtubers like,



Game Theory

And More

Thank You

March 21, 2017
by b8hawraa24
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Roald Dahl

I do like Roald Dahl books. I had read many books that he wrote. Some are Esio Trot, Matilda, Witches, and Amazing Mr. Fox and even The Magic Finger. He is a good writer, by the way. I am much more interested to read the rest, then to play. Actually, reading is fun. It is making your brain smarter. It is just like practicing, and practice makes perfect.
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