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March 13, 2017
by khadija24a15


A person live once in life😶

It can be happy and sad in a while💧

But not every time👻

It is boring most of the time😬

So live for today not tomorrow🖐

March 12, 2017
by Hamoodi4Muhammad


The planet Jupiter in our solar system is the largest planet in the solar system. It has the most mass, spins around its axis the fastest, and it has the most moons, around 63. Jupiter is named after the Roman king of gods, Jupiter.

It has a Red Spot started hundreds of years ago, named as the Great Red Spot. In the 2000’s, a group of White gas spun to form the color red, named as the Little Red Spot just Southwest the Great Red Spot.

Without Jupiter, Earth won’t exist because Jupiter destroyed the first 3 rocky planets before Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.




March 12, 2017
by Ayman10+

Building your future

My dad always tells me that when you are improving and learning new things in a day, you add a block to the tower of your future. Your future tower is not a real tower. What it means is that if you don’t work hard and put effort from your childhood, maybe your future won’t be good. When you graduate from school, you must have finished your future tower. If you finish your future tower too soon then you can add trees and a pool and lights. If your future tower is nice and wonderful when you graduate, then your work and other things in your adult will be nice and wonderful. But if your future tower is unfinished and nasty when you graduate, well, I hate to say this but maybe your future won’t be so nice.

Take care of your future tower and I hope everybody’s will be great and have a great future!

I hope everybody’s future tower will be this one below!



March 10, 2017
by Ayman10+

Not everybody knows nature

Nowadays, all people have an electronic device. But these things are blocking things better than them. And the thing that screens are blocking is: Nature.

Everything the nature contains has something amazing. Nature has a song for who listens. I don’t mean that there is really a song and people who are deaf can’t listen. I mean that if somebody doesn’t look and see the wonders of nature, he cannot see what planet earth is like.

Not everybody knows nature. Nature is not only a plain with trees. Sometimes when you are on a mountain and there’s another mountain in front of you and it’s time for sunset, some people just call someone or get their noses on a screen. Nature is more that you think. I don’t mean stop using any screen. What I mean is that don’t let it ruin how you see nature.

March 10, 2017
by ZozyZain

Help To Help?

Hello, as you know, I’m Zain and today is gonna be a short paragraph because I got to go to my grandma’s house. Anyway, here’s the paragraph:

The slice of life is when you take a part of your life and share it, so I’m doing that. I’m talking about things you can improve along with me, and to help try to make your slice of life better than anyone even mine. That’s why I’m including some of grade 5’s blogs.



Mohamed M


Thank You!

March 9, 2017
by ZozyZain
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Be Positive, Part 2

Sometimes at hard times, you will wonder why am I here? But there will always be a reason, and you will always have hard times no matter what. So just try to be positive and make the best out of it, no matter what.

Be Positive Part 2

March 9, 2017
by saraha2024a23
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Slice of Life Day 9

Here is a funny story all about me-:

When I was in KG 2, I always loved Arabic poems. One day, I was chosen to say a poem in Arabic in a concert. I practiced for it really well, and when that day came, everybody must wear the same hats. But that time, the teacher didn’t put the hat properly on my head. I went on the stage. I was the last one to say my line. I was supposed to bow. And when I did, the cap fell. That was a really embarrassing moment.

( I wasn’t in Al-Raja School that time.)


March 8, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Learning to Blog #sol17 Day 8

Students all have their usernames and passwords, so they can now write their Slice of Life posts and share them on our class blog. We still have some learning to do, but we’re hanging in there.

Some of us are experts already. The experts are helping the others. Some of us are even in the Learning Dip when it comes to blogging, but all will be well because we PERSIST!

Zozy Zain’s Learning Dip

We were busy logging in, updating our profile page, forgetting and changing passwords, making avatars, and some even also had a chance to write.

Here are a few posts that were able to get finished today:

Be Positive, Part 1 by Zain

Planet Earth by Muhammad

Slice of Life Day 8 by Sarah

March 8, 2017
by saraha2024a23

Slice of Life Day 8 👑8️⃣

Here is my morning 🌤 Routine 💦-: First, my mom 👩🏽 wakes me up. I hate 😾 getting out of bed 🛌, but I don’t have any other choice 😪. So I wake up 🙆, I use the toilet 💩 and I brush my teeth 👽. Then, I go straight to my room and change my clothes 🎽. When I’m done, I eat my breakfast 🍲🍱🍧 and wait for the bus 🚌.

How about you, do you have a morning routine ??? 🌅

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