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Imagination Chapter

chapters2015_congratulationsWelcome to Al Raja’s Imagination Chapter! We will be creating, tinkering, making, innovating.

Al Raja’s Imagination Chapter will meet after school twice a month for two hours. (Two hours so we can make a mess and still have time to clean up.) It is open to fifteen (15) grade 4 and 5 students.

Here are the slides from the presentation at school, so you can learn more about IC.

More Resources for Parents:

Watch Caine’s Arcade to see how the Cardboard Challenge began. Our Imagination Chapter will begin with our own Cardboard Challenge.

We will begin on 4 October, 1:45-3:45 p.m. We meet every other week, with a few changes based on the school calendar. Here are the dates for this year’s Imagination Chapter:

4 Oct 18 Oct 1 Nov 15 Nov 29 Nov 6 Dec 10 Jan 24 Jan 7 Feb

For more information, talk to Mrs. Denise or Ms. Elizabeth, or the supervisor, Mrs. Peggy, at Al Raja.

Check out our blog at:¬†We’ll be adding to it at each meeting!

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  1. Hi denise looks so cool.
    Tell me more abt it.

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