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April 26, 2017
by Denise Krebs

We Are Writing Poetry

Grade 5 has been writing beautiful poetry. Read on to see their latest posts–prepositional phrase poems and other poetry forms, as well!

Poems are more beautiful if you pay attention to every single word choice.

Here are some good ideas to add to your poems:

  1. Rich and meaningful adjectives
  2. Prepositional phrases that have adjectives and strong nouns
  3. Just the right verbs
  4. Similes (comparisons using like or as — “The sun shone like a blazing fire.”)
  5. Metaphors (direct comparisons — “The blazing fire in the sky burned the ground under my feet.”)

Here are some websites that will give you poetry ideas:

  1. ReadWriteThink has a variety of interactive poems you can write and then print out.
  2. RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary

Here are some sites that have poems to read:

  1. Giggle Poetry by Bruce Lansky and others
  2. Fun and Games with Shel Silverstein
  3. Poetry4Kids with Kenn Nesbitt

In poetry, it is best to paint pictures with your words, but if you want to illustrate your poems, as well, do one of these:

  1. Draw your own picture on Google Drawings or use another drawing app.
  2. Take your own pictures on your phone or camera.
  3. Use one of the free image sites we know about:

April 25, 2017
by Denise Krebs
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Prepositional Phrase Poems by 5B


Out of bed
Into the fast car
To the far airport
Off to cultural Thailand
Beside the wonderful sea and beautiful skies
Past the wonderful days
For all the fun
Time to Leave!

Fatima H.



Toward the opening
Out the portal
Into the magical world
Past the two mountains
Seeing the glowing tower

By Mohd H.



Beside me
On the wooden table
Near the colorful screen
Into the black wires and cables
Until time
I sit watching my favorite channel.

By Ahmed S.


I Love My Family

With my family
Inside my home
Around my room
Before my parents
With my friends

By Maryam M.


Phone Games

On my bed
In my iPad
In the game
On top of the heaven trees
With a sniper
Until the wind
Off the heaven tree
Ten seconds left and we won!

By Salman



Around the football field
Toward the goal
Past the defence
Up past the goalie
Inside the net
From the middle again
Against the other team
Football is always fun

By Ali M.


Best Friends

With my friends
In the school
Around the school
Outside the school
From the home
Between me and them
In the past
Friends are always with me

By S. Mohd



The moving rainbow
Outside my big house
In the sunlight and heavy rain
For a long time
Within the great rainbow
Against the gift
Inside the house
I am home

By Zain



In London
Across the bridge
Near Big Ben clock
Toward the hotel
Under London Bridge


In Paris
On top of the Eiffel Tower
Under the bridge
Through the tunnel
Near the tower
Inside the hotel

Great vacation!

By Mohd M.


Sister’s Life

With my adorable sister
By the soft couch
Toward the big kitchen
Down the creaky stairs
Near the beautiful dolls
To the loud noise
Toward the comfy bed
Snuggling under the soft bedsheets

By Fatima M.


The Lovely Babies

In the king crib
On my warm lap
Between the funny games
Inside the big house
Near the beautiful crib
Past bedtime
With cute, tired eyes
The baby

By Zainab Jassim



Out of sweet home
Into the white car
Off to the huge airport
With my best family
On my warm seat
Beside my one and only mother
Canada, here I come!

By Hawraa


The Spectacular Adventure to Kuwait

Toward the heavy car doors
Beside the crowded airport
Inside the plane
Above the land
Through the clouds
Below the clouds
Hooray! to Kuwait!

By Nawaf



In the glistening water
On the huge tube
Down the slippery slide
Underneath the cold water
Beside the blue pool
Outside the waterpark
I love it!

By Sara


Magic Dog

At my little house
Beside my house door
Toward the big chair
Next to the magic dog
Underneath the kitchen table
Above the house roof
Magic Dog!

By Mariam K.

March 29, 2017
by ultra gaming

Diamante poem

Clash Royale

amazing                               fun

sending                   building           unlocking

the best                        game                             ever

hacking            cheating           stealing

worst               game


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