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April 12, 2018
by Denise Krebs

Poetry Unit

April is poetry month. We are writing poems that touch our own and others’ hearts. Grade 5 is filled with poets.

One of the things we will do is recite a poem (or part of a poem from memory)–at least 6 lines to meet the standard. Here are the poems that some of the students have chosen. If they didn’t write a copy, you can print it from the Google Drive folder.

Be sure to check out the Poet Tree next Thursday at Student Led Conferences.

The Poetry Mini Project rubric is here:


May 3, 2017
by b13maryam24
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In summer i am in the beach😃

eating ice cream🍦🍦

playing with my family🎢🎠

eating  lunch and chocolate cake🍔🍕🍟

swimming in the beach with my family and my brothers and sister


in summer I have nice days😆😆

in summer I travel to the worlds with my small  family


 by Mariam Mahmood 5B

May 3, 2017
by b24zainab24

Haiku poem

                                                                           I like ice cream🍦and

                                                                          Hot chocolate Nutella💜

                                                                              I hate tomatoes 😆



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