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April 26, 2017
by b19salma24

The Park Of Freedom

Above the colorful ground

Across the green  grass

Before a blue bench

In the brown dirt

Near a best friend

Next to the large gate

On the  white floor



April 26, 2017
by lolo lara

At the ZOO

With my little family

At the large zoo

To the nearby aviary

Beside the huge animals 

Near the king of the zoo

Before the colorful gate

Out of the huge  zoo

I”ll say bye to you

April 26, 2017
by reem24a21

Internet Safety Week

This week is the INTERNET SAFETY WEEK so I would like to write a blog post about it.

There is an easy way to remember, and it’s the SMART rule. Each latter tales a rule S is Stay Safe. M is Don’t Meet Up. A is Accepting Files. R is Reliable ? and last letter is T. It’s Tell Someone.

April 26, 2017
by MeltenRay55

Prepositional Phrases Poem

On the tall mountain

Between the sleeping dragons

Down the tall mountain

Through the giant crocodiles

In the cave

Around the grizzly bear

Out of the cave


April 25, 2017
by MeltenRay55

Pixel Gun 3D (Phone game)

Pixel Gun is a popular game, its a game mixed with minecraft and guns. Of course… battle with real life people and you can choose Team Battle, Death match, Flag capture, Point capture, or Duel. There is also mini games like parkour, block crash and Deadly games. And you can buy many GUNS and the rarity are: common, rare, epic and LEGENDARY, and the max level is 31.



April 24, 2017
by MeltenRay55

Clash Royal

Clash Royal is a very popular game. The game is all about cards and strategy,you have 3:00 min. to win you’re opponent. You have 11 arenas in this game, and you can collect more than 55 CARDS!!!! There are 4 rarities: common, rare, epic and LEGENDARY! I have only 2 LEGENDARY. Legendary cards is the most difficult cards to get. You have 8 slots to create your (deck) . This is your place where you put your cards and use them.



April 23, 2017
by reem24a21

The Best Day in the Easter Holiday

The first day of holiday I went to Renad’s grand mother house. I wasn’t the only one that went. Some of the girls in my class came and just two or three girls didn’t come with us. We went to her grand mother house with a bus and her mother came with us in the bus. When we reached there we ate diner. After we finished eating diner we started playing water flip competition and hide and seek…. that was awesome. After few minutes left her mother asked us if we wanted to go to beach, we all agreed expect Fatima F., but then when we reached to the beach she wanted to stay more and she said that she loved staying in the beach. In there some of the girls went to the sea and they saw a tiny little crab they wear trying to catch him but, Hawra came to them and they jumped and crab went away. The other girls were playing with sand I was with them. We covered Alaa, Renad’s cousin, with sand except her head. When we went to her grand mother house Renad’s mother cooked us nuggets, French fries….

While we were eating we were talking and eating at same time. While we were talking some of the girls went to their houses. When we finished talking we started playing with a pillow. When all the girls went to their houses I was the last one I felt bored with Renad so I called my parents to pick me. They came for me 10:00 pm.

That was the bast and first day of the Easter holiday.

April 20, 2017
by sharifa24a24


I used to have a dog, I realized how much they’re thoughtful, kind and friendly. That’s why I never felt like I’m not safe. They are so protective, but when my dog got stolen I felt like I’m never safe, and that there is no one as funny as my dog. I started feeling so lonely like I have no one else in life, then I realized that I can forget about him but I couldn’t, but now I became more thoughtful about what happened. I can still remember him with his nice eyes and his cute smile, but I started to think about him. When I’m sad, I miss him. I feel like I can have a better life, and I think that he’s in a place where he has friends and has fun more than before.

Made by Sharifa

April 18, 2017
by zahraa24a25
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Why are tests given?

To put the information, to let us stick the information in our brains. To put the marks at the report. And many more things that we don’t know, but the teachers know.

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