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May 25, 2017
by Hamoodi4Muhammad

The Goodbye Letter To My Pen Pal, Miah

Dear Miah,

I liked being pen pals with you too!!! By the way, I think you mentioned your favorite color as pink before.

Mrs. Denise said that your last day of school was this Friday. I know that you have Saturday and Sunday as your weekend. But we have a weekend 1 day earlier, Fridays and Saturdays. My mom says that Friday is the “Family” day to us.

The colored picture you sent was beautiful! But the question I was hoping to ask was, “What does that pic represent? A 3-D shape or a (Big thing near small things far) pic?”

Hope you have a nice summer vacation because ours start at June 16!!!


Muhammad Safwan

May 25, 2017
by khadija24a15

To my pen pal, Lorraine

Dear Lorraine,

Hope you are doing well. I know that Friday is the last day for school for you. but we, in June. Wish you have a good, happy, joyful holiday.

Go ahead and follow my Instagram account and chat with me. Here is my Instagram account ( khadija.altaweel266 )

Have a nice holiday and never forget your pen pal ( Khadija ). Me too; I’ll never forget my pen pal ( Lorraine )

Love, your pen pal,


May 24, 2017
by Mohammed_

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is coming after 3 days. If you are wondering what is Ramadan, Ramadan is a happy Arabic month. You fast from dawn to evening without eating to feel how poor people feel all day.

I hope you learn about Ramadan.


May 24, 2017
by Denise Krebs

Goodbye, Pen Pals

Hello, Mrs. Wieland’s class,

We enjoyed being pen pals with you! Thanks for all the great letters and coloring pages. We like them. We also liked the AirHeads candy. Thank you so much.

Here are a few final letters for you.


Mrs. Denise’s Class

From Ayman to Kyler

From Naeema

From Rayyan

From Fatima H.

From Fatima M.

From Nawaf

From Mohd H.

From Ali Y.

From Salman

From Mohd M. 

From Khadija

From Muhd S.


May 24, 2017
by b15mohd24

Dear Colton,

Dear Colton,

Hello! I also had a great time sending pen pal letters to you. Do you play Clash Royale?

Do you have a fidget spinner? You are a great drawer.



May 24, 2017
by salamander

To my pen pal: Tanner

Dear Tanner,

Thank you. Me too — I’m happy that you are my pen pal. I sent you a Bahrain coin but the letter got lost so I’m sorry. The Arab funny youtuber is spooki and I just got his glasses yesterday at 9:50 PM. He and Dan tdm are my favorite youtubers. They are the best and the funniest.

See you soon and have fun in your summer holiday. We also have 22 days before summer. We will fast in Ramadan. So, take care and have fun.

Love your friend Salman,



May 24, 2017
by ali nawkhdah 17

to my penpal letter

Dear Riley B.,

I love to talk with you. Where do you go in summer? We have in Ramadan school. Ramadan is the month we fast for God. We don’t eat–only after night. Pray we name this fator, and we have something name saor. This we eat before it becomes 3 o’clock in the morning because at three o’clock we go to pray. After, we cannot eat until we pray in the night.

From your pen pal,

Ali Y.

May 24, 2017
by CRMoe Gaming

to my Penpal Letter Bryce

Dear Bryce,

Thank you for the gifts. I loved them! This is the end not the end of school year for us. In Ramadan we need to go to school :/. Also the gift that you gave me everyone wanted it. Even my friend wanted the pencil because it is rare or something in our country. My other friend wanted the coin because he is collecting coins. The drawing that you sent me I got freaked out when I saw it xD. The last thing I want to say the connect the dots was fun to do. Hopefully you get an amazing summer for you.

Your pen pal,



May 24, 2017
by TEZgaming

Last Pen Pal Letter,

Dear Kash ,

I’ve known you since 5th Grade. You were the best pen pal in the entire Universe!!!

You Always Made me Happy through out the whole 5th grade, I hate school is ending especially because I’m Gonna miss you a lot. If you wanna chat Mrs. Denise has my number. You can leave a comment here, and she can get it to your teacher, but what app do you use? I only use What’s App if you have that App you can talk to me. I hope Miss Denise teaches Grade 6 so we can talk more. By The Way Some of The Girls in Your Class Sent the Girls in My Class Your Picture. Any Ways I will Miss You A lot!!!!!!!!!!


You’re Friend ,

Nawaf Al-Matri



May 24, 2017
by fatima Majeedz

Dear Ryan G,

Thank you for writing back.

I would like you to go to my Instagram  it’s (           xr.oo6y           )

Image result for emoji

And I also think that you are the only one that colored a picture, put a photo and wrote a 2 paragraph letter !!!!!!!

When our teacher went to America she gave you our letters. Another teacher came. Her name was Mrs. Beth. She was nice. She gave us some word-searches. So today  24th of May Mrs Denise came back !!!

I would like to write more or talk to you.

But, I don’t have time to write more.

Image result for emoji

Your Pen-Pal,

Fatima M.


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