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November 1, 2015
by Denise Krebs

Blue Rhino Enjoyed His Time with the Star of the Week

I came home with Rhino. We washed up. He liked the water. We had chicken and macaroni and cheese for lunch. Rhino ate lots and lots of chicken. Then it was story time. I read the story “The Monkey and the Fox” with Mom and Rhino.

At night Rhino slept in a pink basket. He had sweet dreams. In the morning after breakfast, we watered the new plants. Then we watched Imagination Movers. Rhino helped me do my homework. He is really smart.

It was really fun to have Rhino at home. I made him a loom bracelet to say thank you.

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Here are some facts about Rhinos that I learned:

  1. Rhinos have thick skin to protect them.
  2. They grow to weigh over 1000 kg. That’s around the same as all the students in Grade 2 put together.
  3. Rhinos are plant eaters.
  4. The name rhinoceros means ‘nose horn’.

September 10, 2015
by Denise Krebs

So Proud of My Good Writers


my name is m—- I like to play with dana I alwas play with dana aevin fatima I love dana and fatima and I love my school I love to reed I love my mom and dad .


I like to reed a store is name story town and I ply with my frende with the toys thenkyo for oal hat (Thank you all that.)


I like the school too much and I like my friends.

September 2, 2015
by Denise Krebs

First Day of School

Today school started. We had our first two bloggers, one in each class. These are first day second graders who are learning English as a second language. I was proud of the work they did with no teacher help…

Blogger of the Day

I see my friends and techers.
I played with my friends.








Day 1 Blogger 2

I love school bcoz I met nyo friend and mor

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