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March 21, 2017
by khadija24a15

Happy Mother’s Day!

21/3 Is the mothers day. Just say thank you to your mother. I can’t leave my mother. I can’t live without my mother. A mother is like a pearl, you can’t find her easily. I can’t exchange her with anything.

But I don’t understand  why there is no Father’s Day.

March 13, 2017
by khadija24a15


A person live once in life😶

It can be happy and sad in a while💧

But not every time👻

It is boring most of the time😬

So live for today not tomorrow🖐

March 5, 2017
by khadija24a15
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The worst times in life!

The worst times in my life are:

  1. When I ask for something then my parents say NO!
  2. Even fighting with my sister by words and body.
  3. When I go follow my mom in shopping cause my mom take time by looking at one dress.
  4. In the car waiting to reach. It’s so boring.

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