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March 25, 2017
by TEZgaming


I like Art.

It’s My Talent Above Singing.

I like Art Because It Makes Me Relaxed.

When Something Bad Happens I always Turn Back And Join the Art Dimension.

I draw Weird Faces and Monsters and More stuff.

Mostly I draw DeadPool Because He is my Favorite!!!!!!!!!

I know artists like,


Leonardo Da Vinci

and more.

Thank You

March 22, 2017
by TEZgaming


YouTube is My Personal Life Job.

I love YouTube. It’s so Awesome!!!

It started on 14th Of February 2005 On Valentine’s Day.

Every Year They Make Youtube Rewind To Celebrate The Day It Was Created.

I Joined Youtube On April 15th 2015.

And it was An Awesome Feeling.

I enjoyed watching Youtubers like,



Game Theory

And More

Thank You

March 21, 2017
by TEZgaming
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Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

I love You. Even if You Argue with me I want you to know I still love you no matter what.

Even The Most Precious Gem Can’t Resist your Beauty.

Mom you were the first name I ever said.

Every time I used to say M on my tongue that meant Mother.

You are my Hero, You Fed me Food, Gave me Milk, Made me Come To life!

How Couldn’t I love you?

You are Super Mom.

If You weren’t My Mom I¬†would Cry. I will never Ever Disobey you.

You gave me Birth

I love you Mom

Your Heart is a big Red Flower

You are always My Hero, No Matter what

Bye Super Mommy,



PS. I love you so Much!!!!!!

March 20, 2017
by TEZgaming

Mother’s Day Rules

I love Mothers Day.

But What Ever I Do I Can’t Repay What My Mother Did

Mom if you’re Reading this I just Wanted to say

Happy Mothers Day.

Even the Most Precious Gem Can’t Resist your Beauty.

I love you Mom.

You are the Best Mom In the Universe.

If I had to Choose Any Mom I would Choose My Current Mom

When I was A Child M was on My Mouth That Meant Mother

If you’re a Mother then You Have My Respect



March 17, 2017
by TEZgaming
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Video Games

Video Games are AMAZING!!! Everyone plays them.

From Mario to Donkey Kong to all games.

Nintendo, PlayStation, they’re all Video Game Companies

Mario is your everyday plumber, but when princess Peach is kidnapped, he will risk his life and save her from Lord Bowser.

And Donkey Kong is an Anti Villian / Anti Hero. He plays Evil Donkey Kong where he Kidnaps Princess Pauline.

But in Donkey Kong Island, he is About to Save Pauline.

If You Didn’t play Video Games Ever You should Try Them. I believe In you and I encourage you.



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