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Baby Ducks

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I love baby ducks, and another animal that I will talk about in another blog.

Baby ducks are so nice and beautiful I have a story that I will tell.

Before 3 years the teacher told the class to bring animals. I don’t remember what I brought but I remember what Kawther brought. She brought a duck and I loved it.

I came back home and told my mom I want a duck like Kawther had a duck. She said okay. Then we went out and I bought a duck.

I took a container and I dropped it in it. The duck was drowning and swimming in the same time. I was scared that it will die. My mom said, “Don’t be scared. It’s a duck. It will know how to swim.”

And in the same night I woke up at night and I saw the duck dead. I grabbed it and went crying to my mom. She said, “It’s fine. All the animals die and God wrote for it to die.”

Author: salamander

Hi my name is salman I am 11 year old I below my candle in 9 March and when I grow up I want to be a scientist and my favorite animal is the penguin.

One Comment

  1. Dear Salman,

    Thanks for sharing your piece with me! It is really good. I’m sorry that your duck died. One thing that I really liked about your writing is the fact that you used dialogue. For example, you used this sentence,”Don’t be scared. It’s a duck. It will know how to swim.” This added to the story and showed me more about the situation. One thing that you could improve on is the use of transition words. These words help the flow of the story and help the reader follow the events and scenes of the story. Overall, your story was very good! Keep up the good work!

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