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The Goodbye Letter To My Pen Pal, Miah


Dear Miah,

I liked being pen pals with you too!!! By the way, I think you mentioned your favorite color as pink before.

Mrs. Denise said that your last day of school was this Friday. I know that you have Saturday and Sunday as your weekend. But we have a weekend 1 day earlier, Fridays and Saturdays. My mom says that Friday is the “Family” day to us.

The colored picture you sent was beautiful! But the question I was hoping to ask was, “What does that pic represent? A 3-D shape or a (Big thing near small things far) pic?”

Hope you have a nice summer vacation because ours start at June 16!!!


Muhammad Safwan

Author: Hamoodi4Muhammad

Hello! I'm Muhammad Safwan. I am kind of new here! I started using edublogs when we started the 2016-2017 Year. I am 10 1/2 years old. I study at Al Raja School.

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