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Last pen pal Letter,


Dear Brandon,

Greetings, how are you? It’s going to be soon to the summer holidays, which is pretty sad because I am not going to talk to you for years. You have gave me THE BEST PEN PAL¬†LETTERS IN THE UNIVERSE!!! My friends’ reaction was amazed about my pen pal and they were like: “Dude, Brandon is so cool! I wish I had him.” And I wish your amazed and please send me your number or anything. JUST PLEASE!! And my favorite game is Overwatch….. that’s it, I like also pizzas, I LOVE THEM!!, and hamburgers, I love Jasmis’ ¬†burgers.

I wish you are actually having fun in United States. Don’t come to Bahrain because it’s a desert and IF YOU want to come then you’re welcome to explore our tiny desert. Or like the tiny DESSERT!!!!!! Oh my gosh I am such a Bad joker….. because joker is bad yeah. So have a great time and PEACE!! BYE!!

From your best FRIEND: Rayyan.

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