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Dear Ryan G,


Thank you for writing back.

I would like you to go to my Instagram  it’s (           xr.oo6y           )

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And I also think that you are the only one that colored a picture, put a photo and wrote a 2 paragraph letter !!!!!!!

When our teacher went to America she gave you our letters. Another teacher came. Her name was Mrs. Beth. She was nice. She gave us some word-searches. So today  24th of May Mrs Denise came back !!!

I would like to write more or talk to you.

But, I don’t have time to write more.

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Your Pen-Pal,

Fatima M.


Author: fatima Majeedz

HI ! My name is Fatima, I really would like to post daily , but i dont have a computer at home . hope u enjoy , bye ( :

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