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I used to have a dog, I realized how much they’re thoughtful, kind and friendly. That’s why I never felt like I’m not safe. They are so protective, but when my dog got stolen I felt like I’m never safe, and that there is no one as funny as my dog. I started feeling so lonely like I have no one else in life, then I realized that I can forget about him but I couldn’t, but now I became more thoughtful about what happened. I can still remember him with his nice eyes and his cute smile, but I started to think about him. When I’m sad, I miss him. I feel like I can have a better life, and I think that he’s in a place where he has friends and has fun more than before.

Made by Sharifa


  1. sorry about your dog

  2. Looks like you like dogs more then the other animals, so sorry about your dog.

  3. wow such a great poem

    keep going

  4. Thanks everyone i appreciate it

  5. Your welcome in any time.

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