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Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is about a girl named Aloy and her father Rost.

A guy named Ted Faro made an army of deadly machines and Aloy will save the world at the end.

There is a mission the name is “The Proving,” and at “The Proving” Aloy’s Father tried to save her but he died.

The ones who killed Aloy’s father Rost died by the shadow Carja. It killed him because a guy named Olin tracked Aloy to kill her, but they did not kill her.

If Olin told Aloy that the shadow Carja could’ve killed his family–his wife and daughter.

It turned out they tracked the wrong woman because the woman that they were tracking was the same as Aloy.

However, still he wanted to kill her, and while she was saving the world she killed part of the shadow Carja people.

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Hi my name is Amr and i am in grade 5/a in Ars

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