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The Annoying Girl πŸ˜’


I once was walking to the cold store with my friend. We saw a girl, with blue hair. She asked us to show her where the cold store is, and we pointed where it is for her.

Later, we reached the cold store, and we saw her buying stuff. She asked us to point where the ice cream was, so we did.

After that me and my friend were about to go get chips. She told us to do one more thing, it was get her two packs of smarties, skittles, M&M’S, cupcakes, and four lollipops. So me and my friend got angry but we still got her the stuff. She paid for the stuff and we got chips. We were going to pay, but, the girl said, “I’ll pay for it because you helped me to go to the cold store” and she did.

She told us the things you brought are for you not for me. So she paid for everything. Just because we pointed to her where the cold store was.😊

Remember, don’t judge people before you know them.

By : Angy


Author: angy24a7

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  1. So, she did not look so annoying in the end?

  2. What is her name????

  3. I really wanted to know the rest when I read the half of the story.

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