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The Nice and Kind Street Cat :)


They always said that street cats are sick and wild. I don’t think that cats are like that. All cats are royal. Today after school, I was going to ride the car when I noticed a cat purring and turning around my feet. I told my sisters and we all started to pet him. Something felt wrong, and then I remembered I haven’t finished my sandwich for school, so I opened my lunch bag and got the sandwich. I fed it to the cat and my sisters had more sandwiches. We gave it to him. The cat was lucky because I also had a lot of water, but there was no plate and I turned around and saw a coldstore,ย so I bought the cat three (3) plastic plates and two (2) tuna cans. I put water in the first (1) plate, second (2) plate, I put the first (1) tuna can, and the third (3) plate I put the second (2) can of tuna. I hope everyone (1) who sees a cat at least buys a plastic plate and put water or food ๐Ÿ™‚

By: Angy

Author: angy24a7

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  1. It’s really awesome, I liked how you helped the poor cat. I am sure that the cat missed you. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. You can say that to Fatima Fadhel because at the beginning, she she will be angry. When she will read the rest, she will be happy.

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