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Grace VanderWall


Grace VanderWall, is a nice singer. She’s twelve (12) years old. She got the gold button in the X Factor. She also won the final X Factor. Her YouTube is Grace VanderWall. She sings so good. My favorite song from her is Clay and Gossip Girl. She mostly makes her own songs, and sometimes covers. She can hit a lot of notes in singing. She also learned to sing alone with a little help from her sister. She has short hair. I’m a big fan. She also went to a lot of shows and competitions and she won most. Can you believe this? She’s just twelve (12) 🙂

By: Angy 🙂


Author: angy24a7

I love to dance. When I dance I feel the beat and dance from my heart.


  1. Wow, I’m sure she is a great singer!🎶

  2. From your talking of her that she is a good singer, I AM SURE that she is a fantastic girl because she knows very many things.

  3. She is a really talented girl. 😀

  4. Wow, she looks awesome.

  5. She also won America’s Got Talent.

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